a fairy tale

once upon a time, in a country far-far away called defence studies. Live bunch of brave (cute)people who are studying together and they are known as Cohort-3. They lived peacefully and happily…
Until one day… a witch master from far kingdom came and cast them a spell… It is a horrible spell.. It is a spell that sucks your happiness and took your soul… It is….. ACCOUNTING spell….
Day by day Cohort-3 have to strugle together to face the spell…
And today… the final day has come…
Cohort-3 must show their grandeur of accounting in front of the witch.
They spilled out all of their tears and blood to oppose the witch master in accounting… The witch master finally gave up (in his 70 years of age) and return to his kingdom….
But the strugle has not ended yet…
For Cohort-3 should face their final exam.. The smell of witch master still attached in the air…
Later on… after passed the final exam.. Cohort-3 will erase their memories on ACCOUNTING.. And they will live happily ever after…

note from the author :
not now honey… not now…


14 pemikiran pada “a fairy tale

  1. (“,) edy
    akuntan itu penyihir jahat…

    (“,) hanggadamai
    itu juga hasil editan temen… :p

    (“,) cK
    engga cik..
    sambil setres abis kuis..

    (“,) itikkecil
    iyah…iyah…. 😦

  2. (“,) warmorning
    cerita tentang kekejaman dalam hidup gw.. hahahaha

    (“,) natazya
    liburan terjawab sudah!!!! :p

    (“,) tukangkopi
    seliar guru accounting… hehe

    (“,) suandana
    khan akuntansi persenjataan… hihihihi
    menyeramkan ga??? :p

    (“,) Ady
    thanx… wish me luck,,, 🙂

    (“,) quelopi
    abis final exam..hehehe

    (“,) harriansyah
    ini juga hasil transtool kok… :p

    (“,) dana
    bahasa manusianya… ‘pusiiiiinggggg!!!!!’ hehe

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