I said “YES” with all it consequences

I never had a dream that one day a prince with white horse will come
nor do I imagined a man will bend on his knees and ask me to marry him..

I’m happy with a fresh worm that came along with white-rose or a box of chocolate that given when sweet stuff makes me throw-up
Really.. I appreciate that..

Do you remember last year, when I had the opportunity to went to those lovely places and texting “wish you were here” in each places?

But now, I don’t think I really wanted you to be there…
Those places will not be as lovely if you where there..
No, it not because you were lovely-er, puh-less..
It just.. With you, I see things differently
With you.. Things just the other way around..

I just loved to walk along through the alleys just to find “what was there”,
or take a long walk just to find that the Sate Padang Hut was closed,
or talking talk and questioning everything.. Dreams, God, The Norm, Life, Local Football Game..
or.. I don’t know.. I just can’t remember all of that…

And you are the only person who will say “let’s get some food” while I was cranky and complain about everything
And you are the one who let me cry for hour in the telephone, said that I was wrong but everything gonna be all right, if….
And you are the person who text me “happy?” when I hang out with friends and forget about you..

I didn’t choose you because you’re the only choice
I still have a choice “to be with you and be happy” or “not to be with you and be happy”, right?
I choose you because you are rational choice of mine

God, Bless us..
And let US be happy with OUR own definition of happiness..

its you and me against the world