I said “YES” with all it consequences

I never had a dream that one day a prince with white horse will come
nor do I imagined a man will bend on his knees and ask me to marry him..

I’m happy with a fresh worm that came along with white-rose or a box of chocolate that given when sweet stuff makes me throw-up
Really.. I appreciate that..

Do you remember last year, when I had the opportunity to went to those lovely places and texting “wish you were here” in each places?

But now, I don’t think I really wanted you to be there…
Those places will not be as lovely if you where there..
No, it not because you were lovely-er, puh-less..
It just.. With you, I see things differently
With you.. Things just the other way around..

I just loved to walk along through the alleys just to find “what was there”,
or take a long walk just to find that the Sate Padang Hut was closed,
or talking talk and questioning everything.. Dreams, God, The Norm, Life, Local Football Game..
or.. I don’t know.. I just can’t remember all of that…

And you are the only person who will say “let’s get some food” while I was cranky and complain about everything
And you are the one who let me cry for hour in the telephone, said that I was wrong but everything gonna be all right, if….
And you are the person who text me “happy?” when I hang out with friends and forget about you..

I didn’t choose you because you’re the only choice
I still have a choice “to be with you and be happy” or “not to be with you and be happy”, right?
I choose you because you are rational choice of mine

God, Bless us..
And let US be happy with OUR own definition of happiness..

its you and me against the world


12 pemikiran pada “I said “YES” with all it consequences

  1. 🙂 senengnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Congrats dear. smoga lancar yah..
    aiiih baca ini koq ya jd inget masa2 pacaran gue dulu yah.. eh msh sampe skr siy 😛
    me complaining and hubby comforting 😀

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